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Forney Relay For Life Bestows 1st Hometown Hero Award


Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

On Friday evening the Forney Relay For Life was held in Jackrabbit Stadium and this year a very special, first time, award was presented to Amber Belobraydic by her good friend, Amy Hardman.

Always a heartfelt event, the Forney Relay For Life was again well supported by the community and 2012 RFL Co-Chairs, Patricia Brown and Angela Brabham, did a wonderful job with the events Opening Ceremonies in which Belobraydic was honored with the first ever, 2012 Relay For Life Hometown Hero Award.

After a beautifully performed National Anthem and equally as moving Invocation, City of Forney Mayor, Darren Rozell, welcomed Forney resident and Cancer Survivor, Amy Hardman, who in turn welcomed her very good friend, Amber to the stage.

Addressing hundreds of Cancer Survivors, Caregivers, family, friends and supporters, Amy Hardman stated, “Hello everyone my name is Amy Hardman and this is my friend Amber Belodraydic. I’m here tonight to honor her as a Caregiver of my children. A year ago my husband, Dan Hardman, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer and we found out that he was terminal.”

Before a silent audience, Hardman said “The following weekend Amber and her family stepped up and started caring for our children on a daily basis so I could live with Dan in the hospital. Over the course of the last year there have been many people in Forney, many friends and family that have stepped up and helped us raise our children as we went through this journey.”

Trying not to cry, Amy Hardman stated, “Dan was diagnosed last April the 20th and I lived with him at the hospital, and then in July I found out I have Breast Cancer. So I started fighting then when he only had a few months left, and Dan actually passed away on September 30th, so I want to present Amber with the 2012 Relay For Life Hometown Hero Award.”

A truly touching moment that had many people in tears, Amy Hardman pointed into the audience and stated, “I also want to recognize her family. Her husband Tom is right there in the back, you can raise your hand. And besides the triple boys that are right in front of him, they have a daughter, Madeline, so four all together. These folks cared for seven children in their home for eight weeks.”

After joining everyone in applauding Amber Belodraydic, Mayor Rozell, read an official Proclamation in recognition of her selfless actions in caring for the Hardman children.

A large group of Cancer Survivors accompanied by their Caregivers and families were lead by the Forney JROTC as they officially began the over night, fundraiser with an opening lap around Jackrabbit Stadium.